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Sprinkler irrigation belt reduces waste of water resources

The use of sprinkler irrigation belts can solve this big problem. Economic development, population growth, social improvement, and the rapid increase in industrial and urban water consumption, the proportion of industrial water consumption in the country's total water consumption has dropped from the era to the right At present, there is still a downward trend, and the conflict between supply and demand of industrial water has become increasingly prominent.

     On the one hand, there is a shortage of water in agriculture, and on the other hand, the waste of agricultural water is common. The current effective utilization rate of agricultural water in China is only. That is to say, more than half of the water is wasted in the process of transportation and irrigation. It can be used by crops and advanced The effective utilization rate of agricultural irrigation water in the country. The unilateral water and food production capacity. The advanced country is Israel, which means that China's current agricultural water utilization rate and production efficiency are very low. Canal seepage prevention, pipeline water delivery, sprinkler irrigation, Advanced water-saving irrigation techniques such as micro-irrigation have increased the water utilization rate to double the current irrigated area. After promoting water-saving irrigation techniques, the area irrigated can be increased with less water. Frugal water resources can be used to develop the citizen economy Other sectors have promoted national, social, and economic development. Whether the water saved through the popularization of water-saving irrigation techniques will increase the irrigated area should be scientifically and rationally planned and considered.




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