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About us

Shandong Muyuan Water saving Irrigation equipment Co., Ltd  is a professional company in the water-saving irrigation industry.

    The main products are: drip irrigation pipe, drip irrigation belt, sprinkler irrigation belt, dripper, sprinkler, flow stabilizer, venturi fertilizer injector, backwash lamination filter, centrifugal filter, Y-type filter, soft belt tee, Soft-belt punch, double-locked female bypass valve, single-locked female bypass valve, soft-band bypass valve, rocker nozzle, low-speed rotary nozzle, butterfly-shaped rotary nozzle, socket full plastic outlet, full plastic outlet , Venturi fertilizer injector, soft with bypass valve, positioning anti-locking mother bypass, refracting atomizing micro-nozzle, ground insert rotating micro-nozzle, top hat refracting atomizing nozzle, rocker arm nozzle, single outlet atomizing nozzle, cross fog Various sprinklers and filter head systems such as chemical sprinklers, five-hole atomizing sprinklers, hanging rotating micro sprinklers, compensation for inlay drip irrigation pipes, patch drip irrigation tapes, inlay flat drip drip irrigation pipes, labyrinth drip irrigation tapes, etc. device.

    The company has strong technical force, can undertake engineering design, technical guidance and other tasks, provide you with a full set of water-saving irrigation technology solutions, and build a complete technical platform for your engineering projects to save water and increase efficiency!





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