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Common problems and solutions for drip irrigation with dripper

Drip irrigation technology is a new type of irrigation method. It can timely irrigate the root zone of crops according to different needs of the crops, so as to achieve the comprehensive benefits of water saving, fertilizer saving, increasing yield and efficiency. This irrigation method is not only in line with the trend of water-saving irrigation development, but also in the general direction of China's development of modern agriculture, ecological agriculture, and profitable agriculture.
Drip irrigation dripper is a part of the drip irrigation system that has long-term work and the load environment changes. It carries a high working intensity. If the user does not operate properly during maintenance, the drip irrigation dripper is prone to various problems and failures, which affects the drip irrigation. Normal operation of the system. Then let's analyze the common problems and solutions for drip irrigation drippers.
Very few drip irrigation drippers do not produce water, or the water is not uniform and stable. It is a common fault. It may be that the dripper is inserted too deep when it is installed, presses against the wall of the pipe, or is not equipped with a filter or a filter has problems. The dripper will easily become clogged. After the drip irrigation dripper is clogged, if the dripper is a removable dripper, remove and clean it. If it is not removable, replace the entire dripper. When most drippers do not produce water, then the problem is basically with the pipeline. Check whether the bypass is damaged, whether the valve is fully open, whether the capillary is blocked, and whether the capillary is broken or leaking.
破裂 The ruptured part of the drip irrigation tape can be cut off and then connected, there is no need to replace the entire pipe. The drip water flow from the drip irrigation head is too small, which indicates that the pressure of the drip irrigation system is too low. The reason for the low pressure may be insufficient pump power, or blocked irrigation filters, or cracked water in the main pipe. Correspondingly, you should repair the pump failure, or increase the booster pump, clean the filter, and repair the pipeline.




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