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Introduction and maintenance of tomato greenhouse drip irrigation with micro irrigation system

Good irrigation facilities are an important measure to maintain high and stable yields in modern vegetable management. Irrigation not only solves the vegetable water demand in the greenhouse, but also provides the necessary conditions for a new and efficient method of fertilization. This new method of fertilization is called "drip irrigation with microirrigation." Drip irrigation and micro-sprinkling irrigation are collectively called micro-irrigation. Micro-irrigation is an agricultural measure that combines irrigation and fertilization, that is, fertilization by drip irrigation with irrigation equipment. Micro-irrigation can not only be combined with fertilization, but also used with pesticides, herbicides and soil disinfectants.
    The micro-irrigation system installed and used in tomato greenhouses has the following characteristics:
(1) Micro-irrigation system for shed drip irrigation belt includes drip irrigation, micro-spray, drip irrigation belt. The system consists of water source, power and filtering system, water pipeline and accessories, drip irrigation belt or sprinkler, and has a simple structure. As long as the power is turned on, the water pump is turned on, and the valve is opened, the water can be automatically irrigated and fertilized. The operation and management are extremely convenient and the work efficiency is greatly improved.
(2) The micro irrigation system can be installed by hand, and the assembly is simple and convenient. The investment per mu is small, between 300 and 700 yuan. The service life is generally 3 to 5 years. High irrigation uniformity.
(3) Drip irrigation has a good insulation and dehumidification effect. The drip irrigation system can effectively reduce the humidity in the shed and reduce the occurrence of diseases. It can also perform shallow irrigation and frequent irrigation to minimize the drop in ground temperature, thereby ensuring the activity of soil microorganisms and accelerating crop nutrient absorption.
(4) The use of drip irrigation belt irrigation system can save water by 50% to 80%, prevent damage to the soil aggregate structure, prevent soil compaction, save labor by 50% to 70%, and have good fertilization and application quality, which can improve fertilizer utilization and medicine Efficiency, can improve the crop growth environment, crop growth is accelerated, can improve the morning market and extend the supply period, and increase yield.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the drip irrigation belt irrigation system, it must be carefully installed in strict accordance with technical operating procedures. To do this, the following must be done:
① Familiar with the assembly structure of each system on the hub design drawing, understand the equipment performance, and carry out the construction strictly in accordance with the requirements.
② Strictly check the quality of the equipment and carefully check various equipment. Any unqualified components such as burrs, water resistance, deformation of the caliber, and tight seal must be replaced before installation.
③ The size of the inlet and outlet of the filter screen should be consistent with the diameter of the water supply and delivery pipe. The size of the aperture, that is, the number of meshes, depends on the type of irrigation device used and the area of the flow channel. Generally, the filter used is required. The aperture size of the filter should be i / IO-1/7 of the aperture size of the irrigation device used.
④ In order to ensure the normal operation of the micro-irrigation system, it is necessary to install control, measurement and safety protection devices such as valves, flow meters, pressure gauges, regulators, safety valves, inlet and exhaust valves in the system.
⑤ The connecting pipe of the pressure gauge should be a thread-shaped buffer pipe, which must be connected to the water pipe after adding the instrument valve to prevent the instrument from being damaged by the water hammer.
⑥ The micro-irrigation system is used for pressured water delivery. All kinds of equipment must be installed tightly. The rubber pad orifice should be aligned with the nozzle to prevent the rubber pad from covering the nozzle. Lead oil tightens.
⑦When the motor and water pump are assembled, they must meet the requirements on the same axis.
要 Drainage channels or valves should be installed in places where water is liable to accumulate.
Drip irrigation belt
In order to ensure that the drip irrigation belt irrigation system can operate normally when fertilizing, and to prevent water pollution and irrigation blockage, the following points must be paid attention to during installation and use:
① The injection of fertilizer or pesticide must be placed between the water source and the filter, so that the fertilizer liquid passes through the filter before entering the irrigation pipe, so that the undissolved fertilizer or other impurities are removed, so as not to block the pipe or the filter.
② After fertilizing or applying pesticides, all the fertilizers and chemicals remaining in the system must be cleaned with water to prevent equipment corrosion.
③ A check valve must be installed between the outlet of the fertilizer or pesticide infusion pipe and the water source to prevent the fertilizer or pesticide from flowing back into the water source and causing pollution.




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